It's this time of year again! The weather is cold. Time to make nabe ! And oden! I went to Nijiya market for Japanese fall/winter vegetables, fish cake, and locally made tofu! I'm excited.


two weeks after Thanksgiving is going to be an absolute bloodbath 😟

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Argumate tangling with the nostalgebraist autoresponder bot is currently my favorite thing on the whole internet.

(Nostalgebraist autoresponder bot is a GPT-2 algorithm trained on years of tumblr conversations. Argumate is a human who is happy to play along and have pseudo-conversations with the bot.)

in this thread, the bot is like... negging Argumate and then coming onto him? After accusing him of being "a gamer"?

WTF is this even, I LOLed so hard

I love how every old sci-fi show had its own way of raiding the tv studio's historical costume closet to save on budget.

Doctor Who had it built into the premise that sometimes they go to the past, so they can use all the BBC's Victorian and WW2 costumes

Star Trek from Next Gen on had the Holodeck to accomplish this

But original StarTrek hadn't thought of the Holodeck so they were always making the flimsiest excuses to have 1930s Gangster planet, Ancient Rome planet, Wild West planet...


Hilarious to read all these right wingers freaking out that Joe Biden (Joe Biden, America's most average politician, the guy who served with unremarkable mediocrity for 40 years in the senate and 8 years as vice president -- that Joe Biden!) is about to transform into Stalin, destroy capitalism, take their guns away, repeal the first amendment, etc.

and i'm like guys, barring a miracle in Georgia, Biden is not even going to be able to appoint a cabinet, let alone pass a law.

90s media: we're not allowed to say out loud that characters are gay, but the subtext between these two same-sex individuals is SMOULDERING

2010s media: We Know Canon Gays Are Important To You, so this token character will mention his husband. Right before getting killed by the monster. You're welcome! Please write about us on tumblr, fellow kids.

It's a good thing that TV doesn't have to self-censor as much anymore, but... anybody else feel like A Point Was Missed somewhere along the way?

My latest order from (it's like eBay for Legos) contained a bonus surprise in the envelope:

A pamphlet explaining how, just as any lego creation needs a solid baseplate to build on, Jesus is the only stable foundation to build your life on

and this whole thing about the red lego represents the Blood of Christ and the black one represents Sin, and the white one Purity, and...

I love the fact that there's a weirdo out there trying to save my soul via internet lego mail-order

my daughter: "When i grow up i want to be a dad like you, but I'll be a BETTER dad than you. And my job will be construction worker."

me: you want to be a dad, huh? not a mom?

She explained that she wants to have a kid, but growing the kid inside her tummy doesn't sound fun, so she wants to be the dad, not the mom.

Anyway I fully support her gender, family, and career goals.

Ugggggghhhhhhhh I'm so tired and depressed. Everything sucks.

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@nindokag It's technically an isekai, but to really fit the genre it needs less interesting protagonists, and Aslan should have given them infinite plot breaking power in the first chapter, voiding all meaningful conflict going forward.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and go "Oh shit, i'm 40, my life is statistically more than half over, how did my youth slip away suddenly???"

then i remind myself "time passing is an illusion, a continuous and coherent self is an illusion, most of the cells in my body are less than a year old, i have the memories of being another person but that might be a dream, the only thing i know is real is today, and all that matters is what I choose to do with today"

weirdly, it helps

Narnia is an isekai, right?

Isekai anime is what you get if you take Narnia and replace "Love for Lion Jesus" with "Being Good at MMORPG Mechanics"?

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Anyway the articles in the Great C.S. Lewis Reread on are pretty good, they're written from Christian perspective but are respectful of other perspectives and acknowledging C.S. Lewis's bad points along with the good.

Turns out, reading some deep-dive philosophy on concepts of forgiveness, atonement, mercy, communion, etc. (through the vehicle of talking lion fantasy) was exactly what i needed today to help detox my brain from days of nothing but political terror

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(does anybody remember that part in The Last Battle with the one Calormene soldier, who's repenting a lifetime worshipping Tash and tearfully converting to Aslan-ism? and Aslan is like, "Don't worry, if you were a good person then you were secretly worshipping me all along without knowing it!"

even reading that as a kid and not knowing that Tash was a stand-in for Islam, i could tell there was something deeply condescending and patronizing about that scene)

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Series of essays delving deep into C.S. Lewis's philosophy in the Chronicles of Narnia. A good read!

I'm not a Christian but I do love (most of) those books. The overt religiousness doesn't bother me because I think the books walk a fine line of sharing what Christianity meant to Lewis while still being more story than propaganda. (Until the final book, "The Last Battle", which I hated precisely because it crossed the line into propaganda.)

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OK instead of doomscrolling what I'm doing is reaching out to everybody in my contact list, asking them if they voted yet, asking them how they're doing, and commiserating about our anxiety. It's led to some great conversations with old friends today. I highly recommend it!

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Poland pro-abortion protests are working! 

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