my daughter: I have a Halloween activity book! let's draw wizards

(we draw wizards)

her: why does your wizard have a ball with an eye in it

me: It is a Palantír, seeing-stone of Númenor. Saruman the White beholds the Enemy: a great eye, lidless and wreathed in flame

her: stop using that weird voice

me: But this is my Christopher Lee voice

god i love "Middle Aged Japanese Woman Voice Actor Pretending To Be Hotheaded Teenage Boy Shonen Protagonist" voice

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assigning muppet factors to the Doctors Who 

William Hartnell - Muppet factor 4 - barely muppety

Patrick Troughton - Muppet factor 6 - an okay muppet

John Pertwee - Muppet factor 3 - not avery good muppet

Tom Baker - maximum muppet factor - a top notch muppet

Peter Davison - Muppet factor 6 - an okay muppet

Colin Baker - Muppet factor 4 - not the best muppet

Sylvester McCoy - muppet factor 3 - poor quality muppet

Paul McGann - i know i saw that tv movie he did but i don't remember it so

Christopher Eccleston - Muppet factor 6 - pretty good muppet

David Tenet - Muppet factor 7 - decently muppety

Matt Smith - Muppet factor 8 - good quality muppet

Peter Capaldi - Muppet factor 3 - not a good muppet

Jodi Whittaker - Muppet factor 5 - an okay muppet

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Terrifyingly accurate

The iceberg of "how programmers think memory works" versus... how it actually works.

Now I'm going around the house saying "KENSHA NO ISHI" and "HAGANE NO RENKINJUTSUSHI" in my best Melodramatic Anime Character voice and my wife is calling me a "weeb" despite the fact that she's the one who reads manga fan scanslations and has strong opinions on subs vs dubs

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Watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my wife and comparing it to the original 2003 anime. (She's read the manga and everything, I'm a newbie to this franchise and she's playing tour guide)

this is maybe too obvious to mention but the first thing that jumps out at me is how much brighter the colors were in the original. It's weird, it's like all the colors started seeping out of anime around 2012 and now everything is super de-saturated. I wonder why? To look "realistic"? (LOL)

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Wow! 😃

"NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite."

#Videos #Perseverance #Mars #Exploration #Rovers

Anyway I'm very proud of her for 1. citing textual evidence to support her argument and 2. refusing to recognize the legitimacy of would-be monarchs

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My kid was really mad at this other kid at her day-care, because HE said that T-Rex was king of ALL the dinosaurs, but my daughter knows T-Rex is JUST king of the MEAT-EATING dinosaurs

I tried to explain that dinosaurs are just animals and don't have a system of monarchy, and the "Rex" in T-Rex is just a metaphor, but she got out her dinosaur book and showed me the page where it says "T-Rex was king of the hunters" to prove the other kid wrong

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If you want to keep up on the raw images coming back from Mars Perseverance, here you go. (It's very sparse at the moment but will fill up in the upcoming days (and hopefully, years.)

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Presidents Day? I don't think we should be celebrating presidents. Presidents are bad role models. Every president in my lifetime has been a war criminal. Maybe we should celebrate "victims-of-presidents" day.

Two of my friends started a podcast called Wizards vs. Lesbians it's going to be about queer SF.

They have a little song to announce when you're entering the Spoiler Zone!

Left: 馄饨 that my wife and me made; right: 馄饨 that my daughter made. She's very proud of her own special way of making them.

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My wife has explained it's a pun on "niu" (cow) sounding like "niu" twist. They're doing the cow/twist dance.

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Anybody else watching the CCTV new year song and dance extravaganza this year? There is an ox robot dancing to Chinese hip hop and it's very weird

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Making some special Chinese new year foods. Here are 春卷 about to go into the frying oil

My daughter said "I'm going to draw what the inside of my head looks like" and then she drew this:

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