uspol, but something constructive you can do! 

feels a bit like shooting a squirt gun at the forest fire that is the myriad ways this election is being fucked with, but uh "action is the antidote to despair" so it's helping me feel better at least.

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uspol, but something constructive you can do! 

Writing postcards to Georgia tonight for Reclaim Our Vote:

we're fighting voter suppression by making sure people get accurate information about voting requirements and deadlines, encouraging early voting and early submission of mail ballots.

I've also been volunteering with , which also fights voter suppression, by helping people get the ID they need in photo ID states.

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Undertale came out about 5 years ago, and to commemorate it, a full-on orchestra performed the soundtrack!

While I've never actually played Undertale, I've enjoyed the music, and this just makes it even better. I now have this playing in the background.

(the actual orchestra starts at 47:45, which the link should take you to).

so hearing Coltrane as some of my first jazz was like... jumping into Call of Duty 4 team deathmatch without having ever played a first-person shooter before. It's aimed at an audience who's been following along with the genre's development.

if somebody wanted to get into jazz i would recommend starting with Swing, i.e. the populist dance music that jazz was in the beginning.

Anyway after 20 years of hearing jazz, I'm listening to A Love Supreme today and i think I'm STARTING to understand it

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about 20 years ago I decided to get into jazz, so I went "Hey internet, what is the jazziest jazz that ever jazzed?" and one of the albums frequently named was "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane.

I bought it and listened to it and... it was INCOMPREHENSIBLE. "This is just random notes!" I thought.

Coltrane was playing for an audience that had already been steeped in jazz. Somebody who already knows what to expect, and can enjoy the surprise when Coltrane DOESN'T do what they expect.

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an upshot of this is that every piece of music is training your ear to appreciate similar styles of music, because it trains you to predict what's coming next melodically and rhythmically.

like, if you didn't grow up exposed to Western harmony where "leading tone goes to tonic" is the most basic rule, your brain wouldn't anticipate the tonic coming, and V-I wouldn't sound like a pattern being completed.

you can feel this when you try listening to music from a tradition you're unfamiliar with

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Thinking about how our brains perceive music

You know how, when you change radio stations start hearing a song in the middle, it takes some seconds for your brain to "lock on" to the beat and the key? Until you do that it just sounds like random noise? Even if it's a song you know.

We don't perceive sound as music until we find the pattern in it. I think it has something to do with your brain predicting when the next beat is coming, predicting what note a phrase should resolve to, etc.

Deep Space Nine spoilers sorta 

(they should also add more women to the main cast in this scenario so that Kira and Kai Winn aren't the only regularly-recurring women)

While i'm on the subject, why does Odo, a genderless being, only ever present as male?

TNG/DS9 had so much potential for aliens that mess with our concepts of gender, and so rarely explored them. Everything that's not the Mirror Universe has that very 90s heteronormativity.

Ah well i guess that's what fanfic is for

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Deep Space Nine spoilers sorta 

The more I think about Season 7 DS9 the more I think it woulda been more interesting if they made Dax's new host male.

Imagine the Julian-Ezri romance subplot but it's Julian realizing he still feels attraction to the same aspects of Dax's personality. "But alas, I am completely straight" he says. Dax keeps flirting with him and he starts to wonder whether he could be bi-flexible...

wouldn't that have been 10000% more interesting?

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US Politics, COVID 

I don't want regular life, I want the pandemic to be over and I want seriously substantive and permanent changes so that none of this negative, harmful shit we've all been collectively put through economically and politically can ever happen again.


ok last thing about Dune

in the trailer, Paul says "i see a crusade coming"

But in the book, the word isn't "crusade", it's "jihad". A jihad led by our protagonist.

There's a lot to unpack in that change. How the presumably intended majority audience is expected to hear the difference between those words.

not that I think Frank Herbert knew much about the Arabic and Hebrew words he used in Dune, he just wanted words that sounded cool and middle-eastern

OK now I'm done.

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there's very little characterization, because people in Dune don't do things for character-based reasons. It's all "Woe is me, my destiny sucks but I must do it because DESTINY"

"Oh this planet is a trap, I know it's a trap, but I must go there anyway"

"Gotta follow the thousand-year-plan laid down by my dead ancestors"

"I've seen the future and it's horrible, I start a war that kills billions, but now that I've seen it it's locked in, might as well go along with it"


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it's appropriate the trailer uses Dark Side of the Moon,because i find both Dune and DSotM to be enormously overrated, in exactly the same way

they're both idolized by a certain type of (*cough* white male) old-school fan as the be-all and end-all of SF/rock music

and they're not BAD, they've both got very good parts in them, but...

their reputation rests on their formal structure and ambition, not on them having anything particularly interesting or meaningful to SAY. IMHO.

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this led to her asking me to explain the plot of Dune, which led to questions like "WHY do the Bene Gesserit want to make a Kwizatz Haderach, anyway?" and I had to admit I have no idea.

I remember a ton of absurd made-up lore from those books, but for some reason I can't remember any of the REASONS why characters do anything.

This led to diving into looking for answers, and... wow, an alarming amount of the plot is just Frank Herbert's weird hangups about women, isn't it?

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Dune, gross body parts mention 

i showed my wife that Dune trailer (

The only things she knows about Dune are from the time i roped her into playing Dune: The Board Game

she took one look at the sandworm and said "That is a giant asshole"

can't really argue with that. The book cover and the old movie avoided this problem with that iconic three-part-jaw design. Without that, it really does look like a... yeah.

(most recently I was playing the Satisfactory beta online with my sister -- it's like a 3d version of Factorio -- we also played a lot of Minecraft, Terraria, and Stardew Valley, all of which involve smelting iron ore.)

I was chatting with my wife about this and she had a great idea: what about a game where you play as a post-human civilization on Earth a million years hence, and you gotta refine resources from humanity's ancient garbage dumps and ruins and non-biodegredable plastic?

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I've played so many video games that have an explore/find-resources/craft mechanic. Especially post-Minecraft. A lot of these games seem to have cribbed from Minecraft's "tech tree", such that they all start with collecting iron ore and coal and using the coal to smelt iron, etc.

Makes me feel weird that I'm always asked to recreate the early Industrial Revolution and inflict it on an unsuspecting planetary ecosystem, especially since none of these games usually model pollution or externalities

anxiety, uspol sorta 

Was just at the grocery store buying tofu. The expiration date on the tofu and said "Nov 6" and instantly, my first thought, was "3 days into Civil War 2, expiring tofu is gonna be the least of my worries"

my brain is not in a good way lately

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cw bad parody news headlines in comic 

today's mood brought to you by pseudonymjones

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