me unclogging the nozzle of my sriracha bottle:


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The choclate mayonnaise cake is surprisingly good. It's very moist and rich, and doesn't taste like mayonnaise at all. I recommend it!

(mayo is just eggs, oil, and vinegar, and eggs and oil are normal cake ingredients, and the vinegar just reacts with the baking soda to make the cake rise... if you think about it that way, it's not weird at all)

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I decided to try making the chocolate mayonnaise cake recipe. Here goes nothin.

a very funny guy bakes weird old cake and pie recipes --

a Shoofly Pie from 1900, a 7-up Jello Salad from 1963, a chocolate mayonnaise cake from 1956

-- and yells about them

he also plays accordion ❤️

Got my second vax yesterday and I can tell it's working because right now every muscle in my body hurts


Life Update about all the stuff I did in April:

(mental health, work, music writing, game design, etc)

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This new laptop has a predictive text "feature" that suggests words it thinks you want to type next

From a blank input field, repeatedly taking the first suggestion generates this:

"I have to go to the doctor and get a hold of me and I will be there for a few minutes and I will be back to the office tomorrow morning to get the kids to the house and the kids and the girls are going to be there for a while and I am not sure what to do with the game and the game is great but the game is so fun"

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@nindokag "I remember your name, but why don't you tell me what *you* think your name is, just so I can check that you still remember"

I ran into somebody on the town today who recognized me -- we worked together at $WELL_KNOWN_SOFTWARE_COMPANY ten years ago. He remembered my name but I did not remember his. I felt too awkward to ask.

So I did my clever trick and asked "what's your email address these days? so we can get back in touch". (I can ask it without admitting I forgot their name, and usually their email address is a clue.)

He just said "its my first name dot my last name at proton mail"

Noooooooo 😱

pet peeve: when spanish-speaking characters in a TV show express complex concepts in perfectly comprehensible English whenever they need to give clues to the detective, then switch back to Spanish to say like "si, señor" or something

So let me get this straight, he knows all the hard words in English but doesn't know the word "yes"? 🙄

This is the exact opposite of how actual humans speak a language that's not their first language

New post: State of the garden, April 2021

The story of my struggles against the neighborhood wildlife who want to steal all of my garden vegetables before I can eat any

I wrote a post: "Just Do The Thing You're Doing"

sounds dumb, but Just Doing The Thing I'm Doing has already markedly improved my life since I started trying to follow it

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In Falcon and Winter Soldier, there's a scene where the replacement Captain America is stripped of rank and fired because he murdered a guy on camera.

His defense is that he's doing exactly what the system created and trained and ordered him to do, but since he did it just a little too publicly, the system is gonna throw him under the bus so it can pretend its hands are clean.

I saw this the same day as the Chauvin guilty verdict came down. The parallels are eerie.

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It is 4/20 and I am definitely smelling somebody Blazing It in my neighborhood

when playing Breath of the Wild i was running out of stamina and blurted out "Oh no, my stam, i need more stam, i need to eat some, eat some stam... hams... stammed hamms... gimme those stammed hams"

except i said it even less eloquently than that

and somehow this name stuck in my household

and now when we go hiking my daughter is like "better bring some stam hams to refill our stam" as she packs trail snacks

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In line for my vaccine, watching people without prompting, let the elderly in front of them

A little glimmer in a broken world

What a bizarre press release this is. Thousands of words hyping up a "quantum technology startup accelerator program" without a single example of a "quantum technology" that could be deployed by a startup

Zero information content except that somebody's trying hard to push "quantum" as the next buzzword for venture capital.


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