Better picture of the , from last night, Dec 20, 2020. I turned down the exposure so you can see Saturn's rings.

With the exposure turned back up, you can see the 4 Galilean moons of Jupiter and a 5th moon that I think might actually be Saturn's moon Titan?

A fun fact: Jupiter is about 800 million km away right now. Saturn is another 800 million km farther away than that. They look close from our vantage point but they are not close.

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@nindokag Theophilus (the very prominent crater in the middle of the picture) is always a great crater to look at!

On the extreme East side on the front face there is a similar crater that looks just as great: (apologies about the second picture being upside down, my telescope flips the image)

I am still learning my lunar topology but it's great fun learning more about our closest neighbor :blobblush:
@nindokag Also featured in my images you can see the mountains on the far side being lit up... it's awesome

@nindokag these look great! it really looks like the moon one was taken from space

@nindokag Nice! 🙂

Sadly, it's mostly cloudy in the evening in my area at the moment.

@nindokag As for your 5th moon, That Is No Moon! You can see it on my pictures as well. Cross-checking with Stellarium told me it's the star HIP99314. at first I was confused too haha!

In your image Titan is just outside the frame, I think.
@nindokag I absolutely deep-fried one of my images and double checked with Stellarium. The marked locations are about right but I can't guarantee any others than Titan (that one is obvious enough to me)

Other picture is from Nov 23 where I captured three of Saturn's moons, Rhea (7 o'clock, close) Thetys(2 o'clock, close as well) and Titan (brightest moon). Further out dot is another star.

@aetios This is really cool! What kind of camera/settings do you use to capture it and how do you process it in software to reveal the dim stuff? I heard I need to have my camera save as "RAW" instead of "JPG", is that right? I haven't figured out how to do that on my android phone yet...

@nindokag It's nothing special actually... I use my camera held up to the eyepiece of my telescope (which is a fairly big one!) to take the picture. Sometimes I use Google Camera"s 'Night Sight', which is a form of long exposure .

the enhancements are actually just a picture that I took pulled through Telegram's image editor. I played with brightness, contrast, highlights and shadow points to get something that looked recognisable enough but still pulled out some detail. No RAW involved here, it was all already in the image, I just made it more visible.

Somewhere this year I MIGHT get a smaller telescope with a proper follow mount to mount a camera to. That will get me some amazing pictures, I bet :blobdrool:

@nindokag Cool!!! I still have fond memories of the time you brought your telescope to Arcata and I got to see the moon. And also got up at 6 or something to see Saturn. Worth it!

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