Streaming shows I watched the first episode of and then never continued:

The Expanse
Altered Carbon
Umbrella Academy
Stranger Things
Duck Tales
Luke Cage
The Witcher

Streaming shows I watched the first few episodes of:
Star Trek: Discovery
Dark Crystal
Jessica Jones
The Get-Down

Streaming shows where I finished the first season: 0

Not sure if this says more about streaming shows, or about me.

at this point I think I could start a gimmick blog that just watches 1 episode of every streaming show and gives them reviews based on the first episode only.

Show thread

@hhardy01 Stranger Things didn't really grab me, the kids were charming and the setting was nice but it seemed like nothing was happening.

Altered Carbon has potential based on the first episode, I might go back to it eventually.

Haven't seen Mandalorian yet.

Maybe my issue is I need to re-learn how to watch TV in the streaming era, weird as that sounds. Maybe it always feels like "Nothing is happening" because I haven't learned how to watch an episode as if it was a chapter of a novel.


Mandalorian has a serialized, episodic format like The Rifleman. It's a space western with samurai flavoring. Or vv. There is an overarching plot which advances by okay, but first you gotta do this side mission for me.

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