My kid was really mad at this other kid at her day-care, because HE said that T-Rex was king of ALL the dinosaurs, but my daughter knows T-Rex is JUST king of the MEAT-EATING dinosaurs

I tried to explain that dinosaurs are just animals and don't have a system of monarchy, and the "Rex" in T-Rex is just a metaphor, but she got out her dinosaur book and showed me the page where it says "T-Rex was king of the hunters" to prove the other kid wrong

Anyway I'm very proud of her for 1. citing textual evidence to support her argument and 2. refusing to recognize the legitimacy of would-be monarchs

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@nindokag unless you're going to cite better sources than her dinosaur book I'm going to have to side with her on this one.

I've definitely have seen a chicken hunt grass. T-Rex is that chickens king.

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