I might join a friend's D&D game. I've played a lot of D&D but not in the last five years or in the current edition.

I was told to sign into to create a character. The first thing I see in the character creation interface, even before picking a race/class or rolling stats, is a very confusing "preferences" screen which starts with allowed sourcebook toggles.

So apparently the first step to making a D&D character now is deciding how I feel about Rick&Morty? What??? 🤔

@freakazoid my best guess is that at some point they published a book for playing a Rick & Morty game with D&D rules (why???) and it has custom character creation options, and these got dumped into the website's backend as Officially Supported But Non-Standard Character Creation Options so now they show up as a toggle switch on this page, despite how nonsensical it would be to mix it with everything else...

this is the problem with trying to make D&D be all things to all people!

@nindokag hahaha, no, it's just if you want to use homebrewed stuff that was popularized by the Sources... For example, if you watch Critical Role, there are some new Classes that the DM thought up and you can use them easily that way.

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