I played D&D on Sunday for the first time in... five? ten years? A long time.

A friend is running a game based on Slavic mythology, which I don't know much about. (She's from Poland). It sounded unique enough to draw me in.

In practice this meant a kind of tragic fairy tale vibe (with a lot of names I can't pronounce). It's a lot better than your typical loot-everything D&D!

This group seems all right! I'd like to keep playing with them.


first session D&D with a new group is always a little weird because you're simultaneously trying to figure out how to roleplay your character, how they relate to the other characters in the party, what the mechanics let them do, but also suss out how the DM is running this game, how much player freedom you actually have, all while you're on lookout for whether the group has That One Guy who's gonna ruin the game...

solving the mystery or beating the villain is wayyyyy down the priority list

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