last night i fell down a Link Hole into Politics Twitter and ended up reading Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher: "woe is me, we conservative christians are so oppressed, we're being persecuted by the woke cancel culture SJW LGBT agenda, boo hoo, even the corporations are on their side now, alas, America will never be the theocracy I crave, we must retreat to Amish-style communes and hide from the evils of the world, that's our only hope for being able to keep imposing strict gender roles on our kids"


Oddly enough, reading this nonsense actually improved my mood a lot, because it was a nice bit of escapism to imagine living in the alternate reality he was describing. It sounds so much better than the real political hellscape we're trapped in.

Rod Dreher basically writes utopian science fiction and doesn't realize it.

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