I wrote and performed my first original song! At least, the first one I feel comfortable sharing with the internet.

The accordion is real, the drums and bass are synthesized. (Actually the drums are Wii Rock Band drums, fed into Ableton Live with USB. It is extremely janky.)

I still hear a lot of parts that are rough around the edges, but I think it's time to stop tweaking it and post it.

The accordion I used to record this song (which is different from the one I usually play) has a problem with the 2nd G-flat key. It sounds fine on the outstroke (pulling the bellows) but it's too flat on the instroke (pushing them). This ruined so many takes! I had to time it so I was always pulling and not pushing on measures with a G-flat in them.

Aside from fixing that, I also really need to get some real MIDI drum pads to use instead of the Rock Band ones!

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