It's this time of year again! The weather is cold. Time to make nabe ! And oden! I went to Nijiya market for Japanese fall/winter vegetables, fish cake, and locally made tofu! I'm excited.

Visible sunbeams shining down through the trees looked very magical this morning

Had a tomato plant on my balcony this summer. Squirrels kept stealing all the tomatoes before they were ripe. I tried putting hot pepper on the tomatoes, didn't work. Nothing worked, until finally I built this cage all the way around the plant.

By that time there was only one bud left. But the cage worked and the bud ripened.

So here's the last tomato of the season, the only one i was able to actually eat. At least next year I have the cage already if I want to try again.

My wife got a gadget that allows mounting a cell phone onto our telescope eyepiece, so I present you: crappy cell phone pics of the planets!

the four little dots around Jupiter are, left to right: Ganymede, Europa, Io and Callisto

trying to get a good picture of Mars but it's so bright i need to figure out how to change camera settings.


Harvested the last of the kale and anasazi beans from the garden today. I cooked these with Impossible Burger, garlic, basil and Parmesan.

Impossible Burger is really good. This might sound like a weird thing to praise, but: it gets stuck between your teeth in exactly the way real meat fibers get stuck between your teeth.


Seen on my walk tonight: this humongous spider spun a beautiful web right in front of a lamppost

Just found this artist who makes cool spaceship designs out of random household objects, and I love it.

Sci-fi spaceships really can be shaped like anything, can't they.

This is what hailstorms can do to solar panels!

My company provides guarantees on solar power plants so we have to worry about stuff like this.

My daughter wants to be Builder Luigi for Halloween and wants me to be Mario, but she also feels conflicted about it because Luigi is supposed to be taller than Mario

Planted 1 potato in the spring, dug up 11 potatoes today! Very low maintenance, I didnt do anything but water them. Big success, probably the best reward-to-effort ratio of all my gardening experiments this year. I should scale this up next year.

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Please enjoy this 19th century illustration from the wikipedia article about the Tarrasque, a regional folklore monster in the south of France that is celebrated in local parades and stuff. (I first heard about the Tarrasque in Dungeons and Dragons and assumed that D&D made it up, but nope! It's French.)

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