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@Thomas I'll hold out for the 52-star flag that also has Puerto Rico

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It is 4/20 and I am definitely smelling somebody Blazing It in my neighborhood

when playing Breath of the Wild i was running out of stamina and blurted out "Oh no, my stam, i need more stam, i need to eat some, eat some stam... hams... stammed hamms... gimme those stammed hams"

except i said it even less eloquently than that

and somehow this name stuck in my household

and now when we go hiking my daughter is like "better bring some stam hams to refill our stam" as she packs trail snacks

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In line for my vaccine, watching people without prompting, let the elderly in front of them

A little glimmer in a broken world

What a bizarre press release this is. Thousands of words hyping up a "quantum technology startup accelerator program" without a single example of a "quantum technology" that could be deployed by a startup

Zero information content except that somebody's trying hard to push "quantum" as the next buzzword for venture capital.


Got my first vaccine shot (Pfeizer) today! Second shot May 6.

i suddenly remembered the old jello commercial slogan, "There's always room for J-E-L-L-O"

way to take the fact that your product is known for being insubstantial and unsatisfying and turn it into a selling point

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today is yuri's night! 60 years ago, the first human reached outer space.

no party this year. you know why. but maybe gaze at the stars and melancholically think of what could have been (and how we got elon musk instead).

the Rolling Stones: (guitar riff)

the rolling Stones: "Brown sugar!"

me: "Good start"

the rolling Stones: How come you taste so good?"

me, nodding: "Yes, I agree, Rolling Stones, the flavor of brown sugar is very enjoyable"

the Rolling Stones: (guitar riff)

the Rolling Stones: "Brown sugar!"

me: "good song so far, I'm digging it"

the Rolling Stones: "Just like a young girl should"

me: "oh... oh no... what the... what have i been listening to... what is wrong with you????"

@dankwraith "replacing the need for artists" is such a nonsense idea, it's not even wrong

the human need for art is a need to *make* art, not just to have art exist

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Today we will mainly be dealing with the realization that a Tyrannosaurus is chronologically closer to an iPhone than it is to a Stegosaurus.


My daughter put a purple fish sticker on this smiley face balloon in such a way as to perfectly recreate the Watchmen logo by accident and I'm screaming internally

@kropot ehhhh, if i was working for a big corporation I'd do that, but this is a small startup where I know and like everybody. Going behind their backs would degrade the mutual trust we have. I'd rather openly advocate to change the policy.


Oddly enough, reading this nonsense actually improved my mood a lot, because it was a nice bit of escapism to imagine living in the alternate reality he was describing. It sounds so much better than the real political hellscape we're trapped in.

Rod Dreher basically writes utopian science fiction and doesn't realize it.

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last night i fell down a Link Hole into Politics Twitter and ended up reading Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher: "woe is me, we conservative christians are so oppressed, we're being persecuted by the woke cancel culture SJW LGBT agenda, boo hoo, even the corporations are on their side now, alas, America will never be the theocracy I crave, we must retreat to Amish-style communes and hide from the evils of the world, that's our only hope for being able to keep imposing strict gender roles on our kids"

I got a new Linux laptop, I was all excited to set it up for work, then I found out there had been a misunderstanding and actually my company security policy is to only allow Macs on the VPN.

So, now I have this Dell with Ubuntu, that I can't use for work, what should I do with it?

Spouse is running Prime-time Adventures (an indie role-playing game) for former D&D players. I am in a D&D game after a long time of playing mostly indie games.

A deep dive into the difference between playing D&D and playing indie games, not in the superficial sense of tone or genre or mechanics but in the core activity: how do you make things *happen* in the game? how do the rules support your story? what are players supposed to do?

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