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I woke my daughter up yesterday by playing the Happy Birthday song on the accordion next to her bed. She loved it!

I wonder at what age will she stop loving it.

my daughter on her 5th birthday: "How long will human life last?"

me: "uhhh you mean one human or like all humans?"

her: "all humans, can humans go on forever if we have children and they have children?"

me: (should I explain how the sun will go red giant in 4 billion years... nah)

me: "actually after millions of years our descendants will probably evolve into some other kind of animal"

my wife: "i find that more disturbing than humans going extinct"

me: "I don't, i think it's nice"

today i finally beat Hollow Knight

time elapsed on my save file: 54 hours.
time elapsed when i first reached the final boss: 39 hours

I've spent a cumulative 15 hours losing to The Radiance. I think it took me almost a hundred tries before I beat it. Must have been the hardest video game boss I've ever beaten.

I could have given up and watched the ending cutscene on YouTube but Hollow Knight was so good I really wanted to finish it properly.

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i know esvrld already linked this a few times but i wanted to advertise it myself, this is a super good and interesting write up on jojo's fashion and how it expressed queer masculinity !!!!

Last year at this time I was rewriting our codebase from Python 2 to Python 3, now I'm rewriting it from Python 3.5 to Python 3.7

I started drinking coffee heavily after my baby was born because she woke me up every few hours and I could barely function. She doesn't do that anymore, but I kept drinking it, thinking "as long as I only drink it before noon it doesn't affect my sleep at night."

2 weeks ago I decided to try an experiment and go without caffeine. The difference has been huge. I can consistently fall asleep and stay asleep now. Proves I was wrong -- the morning cup definitely affected me at night.

Alright, time to stop poking around this online D&D character creator. It's cool to see all the options and stuff but I can't make a character in a vacuum, I need to talk to the group and figure out how our characters know each other, what sort of missions we're going on, what the setting and vibe are like, if there's any role the party needs, etc.

D&D has meant so many different games to so many different people that you can't assume any 2 people mean the same thing by "let's play D&D"

I might join a friend's D&D game. I've played a lot of D&D but not in the last five years or in the current edition.

I was told to sign into to create a character. The first thing I see in the character creation interface, even before picking a race/class or rolling stats, is a very confusing "preferences" screen which starts with allowed sourcebook toggles.

So apparently the first step to making a D&D character now is deciding how I feel about Rick&Morty? What??? 🤔

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(I really wish people would stop trying to do "look at all these people who have it worse than you!" as a cheer-up tactic. It doesn't work for people who have empathy.)

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Me: "did you ask me yesterday what color your eyes are?"

her: "Probably. what color are they now?"

me: "definitely blue"

her: "Good. When they're grey, it's bad for everybody"

me: "do your eyes... change color... a lot?"

her: "They expected God to come back in the form of a man... but I'm a woman" (walks away)

So, uh, yeah, I met God apparently!

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it gets weirder! Today i was at a table outside the coffee shop and she came by again and asked me the way to San Jose

her: "is it this way?" (pointing southeast)

me: "Yes, that's right"

her: "and Palo Alto is that way?" (pointing northwest)

me: "Yeah, but... are you taking a train? a bus?" (thinking i should give her directions to the train station /bus stop)

her: "for now, I'm on foot"


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Yesterday I was waiting on a sidewalk and a strange woman came up to me and asked me what color her eyes were

me: uhhh bluish-green

her: you don't see any grey in them?

me: weird question but let me check. ummm, nope

her: ok, good. (She starts walking away)

me: have... a nice... day?

her: not likely!

I dropped my kid off at daycare today and then remembered -- too late -- she was supposed to wear green for St. Patrick's Day

After my morning meeting I grabbed her green clothes and took a second trip to the daycare to drop them off for her. I didn't want the other 4-year-olds at the daycare to... think she's an Ulster Loyalist?

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2 years ago my wife watched "Avengers: Endgame" and hated it. She drew a bunch of pages of fanfic to fix the movie. But she didn't finish them... until last week, when she finally did! So here they are.

a better ending for Steve Rogers:

adding in the trauma processing and character interactions that were missing from the movie:

(also: changing who lives and who dies!)

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Absolutely nobody

In no parallel universes, even

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I just air-accordioned so hard I accidentally punched my own glasses off

I think the thing that prevents me from finishing effortposts is the same thing that prevents me from finishing songs and comics.

I have no problem generating tons and tons of *material* but in order to finish i need move into *editing mode* and that means handing control to my internal editor. And my internal editor is unreasonably harsh. He keeps telling me stuff isn't good enough to share unless it's AMAZING and PERFECT.

I think what I need to do is fire that editor and replace him.

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