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I don't expect this to come up much, since I'm only approving account creation by people I know. But, since we should have a Code of Conduct, here goes: Zero tolerance policy for racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia and other associated forms of bigotry. Also zero tolerance policy for: death threats, doxxing, harassment, commercial spam, spreading COVID hoaxes/conspiracy theories or other medical misinformation as fact. Servers that allow/promote such behavior will be blocked/de-federated. Behavior that's more of a "yellow flag", earning you a warning, and ban if warnings are repeatedly ignored: excessive product promotion, piling-on, screenshot dunking, persistently contacting someone who wants to end the conversation, arguing in bad faith, arguing based on uncharitable reading/strawmanning Just be nice, and we won't have a problem! I operate this server as a hobby, not a job, and having an account here is a privilege, not a right. This is version 1 of the code of conduct, subject to change.